What's it all About?


What does it mean to Deharmonize?

Who can you count on for a unique window into some of the greatest music, tv shows, films? Josh and Andrew, that's who! Come inside and listen to them deconstruct and discuss some of the things we all like.  

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Guess that song!

What's an Andrew?

Andrew grew up in Texas and now lives in Baton Rouge with his wife, son and Mr. Corky.  He was introduced to some of the greatest rock and roll of the 20th century via his parents' record collection.  This led him to  writing his own songs, which he's been doing for over 25 years.  Oddly enough, you'd think he'd be good at it by now.  You can visit him on Twitter @andrewmuhl


What's a Josh?

Josh Harelik is a singer-songwriter living in Dallas Texas with his wife and dog , Lola.  He likes sunsets, cheeseburgers and beer.  Music is his life and his passion.  Investigate his music endeavors by tweeting @joshvanjoshua and find his music page on Facebook or visit his website at www.joshvanjoshua.com